Daily Shot of #Startups #Entrepreneurship and #VentureCapital #VC - Issue #187



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Daily Shot of #Startups #Entrepreneurship and #VentureCapital #VC
Daily Shot of #Startups #Entrepreneurship and #VentureCapital #VC - Issue #187
By CJ Cornell • Issue #186 • View online
Only quirky and valuable stuff today.
Perfect for labor day reading by the pool
  • 5–1/2 Questions for Geoff Ralston | by CJ Cornell
  • Someone stole my truck. I got a crash course on the wild black market for stolen cars
  • David Vandegrift’s answer to What is it like to be a venture capitalist? 
  • The Modern Startup Theory. 
  • 3 Subtle Signs the People You’re Pitching Actually Like Your Startup Idea
  • The deck isn’t where it’s at. Advice for founders pitching to VC.
  • Right Co-Founder … Wrong CEO. Could That Be You? Be Honest.
  • Can’t Overcome the Picasso Paradox? Embrace the Mindset of Exceptional Performers 

5–1/2 Questions for Geoff Ralston | by CJ Cornell | Sep, 2022 | Medium
25+ Timeless Lessons On Building A Startup | by Shailja Dwivedi | Aug, 2022 | Books Are Our Superpower
David Vandegrift's answer to What is it like to be a venture capitalist? - Quora
The Modern Startup Theory. I recently had the chance to go watch… | by Janvi Umendra | Aug, 2022 | Medium
Ex-Theranos VP on navigating a criss
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